About us

In the last few decades, The Netherlands has become a global front runner in nano- and quantum technology. The country’s excellent scientific infrastructure, knowledge institutions and entrepreneurial spirit gave birth to a great variety of technological initiatives in the private and public sector. BC Nano aims to explore new opportunities in nanotechnology and strengthen existing ones, with a special focus on Japan.

Joining forces

In December 2017 several Dutch companies, knowledge institutions, industry associations and governments signed a covenant under the Partners for International Business (PIB) programme. The aim of this programme is to promote and improve Dutch companies and knowledge institutions specialized in Nanotechnology in other countries. Business Cluster Nano is the connecting element between these parties.

BC Nano and Japan

BC Nano is focusing on Japan for several reasons. Nanotechnology is an enabling technology in several fast growing industries in Japan. And a majority of authorities, knowledge institutions and companies that are relevant in Japan, are convinced of the Dutch Nanotechnology industry. They recognize the Netherlands as an attractive partner.

“Japan is an excellent market where people know about High Tech and Nanotechnology. The increasing interest in applications of Nanotechnology in which the Netherlands and Japan are both strong offers opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange”

– Jan-Hein Christoffels, Innovation Attaché of the Dutch Embassy in Tokyo

BC Nano aims to take advantage of these opportunities by being visible in Japan together with the Dutch government, including by organising exhibition participations, seminars and bilateral cooperation.

“Dutch knowledge and technology, among other things, in the field of the valorisation of Nanotechonolgy – bringing to the market knowledge developed in research programmes – can be very valuable for Japan, which makes the Netherlands a knowledge and trading partner par excellence.”

– Dave Blank, Director of NanoNextNL

BC Nano is founded as a public private partnership between the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate policy, the Dutch Embassy in Japan, the Holland Innovation Network in Tokyo, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, and companies and research institutes representing the Dutch Nanotechnology sector.

Creating business opportunities

BC Nano offers support to small, Dutch businesses in the field of nanotechnology, to gain access to the Japanese market. Participants / members can visit international fairs and events on nanotechnology, participate in exhibitions and get in touch with (other) experts.


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