DENSsolutions is a technology leader enabling researchers who use a transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to upgrade their tool to study ‘in situ’ and capture the real-time dynamic response of their samples under the influence of a range of environmental stimuli, such as heat, electrical bias, gasses and liquids. Based in The Netherlands, DENSsolutions has established themselves as global leaders through offering innovative, stable and reliable in situ TEM solutions.

Breaking the cycle of studying materials in a high vacuum traditional TEM environment, DENSsolutions products enable native and real-world experiments to be performed using the latest innovations in MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) as their core technology.

Sample management solutions

The people behind DENSsolutions have been at the forefront of the emerging ‘in situ’ TEM microscopy field for more than two decades, working towards the most innovative and best quality sample management solutions. Capturing in real-time (in situ), the dynamic changes of matter under the influence of physical stimuli has become the core competence of DENSsolutions. They are constantly combining the best minds from various fields, including microscopy, physics, chemistry, engineering and other specialties, to develop the best of the best. With this approach they have been able to turn their customer’ conventional TEM, into a controllable and powerful in situ nano-laboratory.

Practical solutions for an efficient workflow

‘Our solutions are tailored for reliable and fast use on your existing microscopy platform. All tools are thoroughly engineered, tested and characterized, supplied with comprehensive User Manuals, Application Notes and competent support. Together with the brightest minds from around the world, we have developed practical solutions that make your complete workflow more efficient and reliable

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