Solving your lithography challenges from R&D to volume manufacturing

With the increasing demand for products with nano structured components, manufacturers need cost-effective lithography processes capable of high volume production. Traditional processes like optical lithography have drawbacks that include expensive tools, low yields and limited patterning size.

Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography (SCIL) offers a fast and efficient nanoimprint solution for sub-micron- and nano-patterns on a variety of substrates. Calling on detailed know-how of imprint technology and material interactions our solutions enable manufacturers of LEDs, lasers, optical components, solar cells, bio-sensors and many others to increase performance and lower end-product costs.

Working with us gives you a one-stop-shop for all your nanoimprint process requirements. From R&D on your specific nanoimprinting needs to setting up of your high volume manufacturing, we support you throughout the value chain, to bring your ideas to market quickly and more efficiently.

What is SCIL?

SCIL is a cost effective, robust, high yield process enabling nanometer resolution patterns on a large variety of materials. SCIL delivers proven, high quality imprints on wafer areas up to 200 mm. It can be used to make patterns with feature sizes down to less than 10 nm.

And because of the unique properties of our patented imprint resist, SCIL saves etch process time by directly producing a hard etch mask. The unique optical and (UV) stable properties of the SCIL imprint resist makes it suitable as functional (optical) layer.

SCIL Nanoimprint solutions

From test through to production, or at any stage in between, SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions is your service and support partner of choice.

We provide you with:

  • Equipment and processes for small series and high volume production
  • Mature supply chain of consumables (stamp and imprint material)
  • Dedicated processes for your requirements
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