Single Quantum is a high-tech company that develop and bring to market high-performance quantum photonic devices. Single Quantum designs, builds and commercializes complete systems for the generation and detection of single photons.

Single photon emitters and detectors are central building blocks of future communication technologies. We envision future telecommunication to be based on single light particles: photons.

Single photon detector

Our single photon detector, Eos, is the fastest and most sensitive light sensor on the market. The sensor is based on the breakthrough technology of superconducting nanowire single photon detection. Almost unity detection efficiency and ultra-high time resolution is achieved by cooling the detectors in dedicated closed-cycle cryostats at 2.5 Kelvin.

Single photon source

Our single photon source, Hermes, is based on solid-state semiconductor nanostructures. Thanks to a patented technology, the single photon source is coupled to an optical fiber and can be combined into the same cryostat with the high efficiency superconducting nanowire single photon detectors. Our cryostat enables turn-key operation of our cryogenic devices using a closed cooling cycle with no liquid helium consumption.

Key applications

Key applications of our products are quantum information technology, quantum communication and cryptography, infrared time-resolved spectroscopy, integrated circuit defect analysis, laser ranging and remote sensing (LiDAR).

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