Micro- and nanotechnology are an integral part of sustainable solutions for major global challenges in healthcare, food, and energy. We believe that accurate and precise control of surface properties is a prerequisite for our customers to exploit the full potential of their world-changing devices. This is enabled by Surfix’s proprietary surface modification technologies, which not only yield excellent surface properties but also enable patterning with superior spatial control.

Having served customers of all sorts and sizes, Surfix builds your solution on deep knowledge and broad experience in the various aspects of surface modification, combined with in-depth understanding of application areas and a portfolio of proprietary surface modification solutions.

A nanocoating for everyone

Surfix’s nanocoatings enhance the performance of micro- and nanodevices in various areas of application. For example, wettability and biofouling issues in microfluidic devices can be overcome by applying a nanocoating to the channel wall. Surfix’s nanocoating technology enables the surface modification of all common microfluidic materials and ensures excellent and durable surface properties. Another important application area is the biofunctionalization of biosensors. Surfix’s technology is ideally suited for biosensor functionalization, since both 2D and 3D nanocoatings can be prepared to which antibodies or other bioreceptors can be directly coupled.


Surfix offers a wide range of services for advanced surface modification of your device:

  • state-of-the-art surface characterization and analysis
  • demonstrator devices for nanocoating evaluation
  • coating of commercial devices
  • technology transfer and IP license
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